Content + Production

Digital & social production is nothing more then the project management of screen content for digital & social media. In the online world new possibilities emerge on a daily bases, so key to a successful production is up to date knowledge and understanding of this media. Furthermore in the online world we need to work fast, cost efficient and innovative.

The choice of digital media channels, available budget and the aimed quality here are definitive.

The producer ensures a keen purchase price, makes clear agreements with all parties concerned, keeps the process transparent and monitors deadlines. In addition, the usage rights are tailored to the project and well defined in contracts.

  • The selection of creative and/or strategic parties to be involved in the process
  • Advice on the techniques, formats and other specifics per digital media channel
  • Cost-efficient hiring of the various parties
  • Clear communication between the parties involved
  • Keeping the process transparent
  • Drawing up the appropriate contracts
  • Rights management tailored to the project

What are the advantages?

Through shorter lines of communication and knowledge of current rates of all elements of the process and the relevant disciplines, it’s possible to buy in at competitive prices.
The shorter lines of communication, direct management and the dedication of a specially tailored team save considerable time.
In addition, the client is provided with a transparent schedule, so that it is clear what is happening and when, and at what points the client can make decisions.
Insight at a technical and creative level and knowledge of the latest developments in these fields make it possible to attract the most suitable people and techniques for each project.
The development of a commercial – large- or small-scale – involves many different people and disciplines. We therefore ensure clear planning, an unambiguous management of expectations, and transparent information, so that the right decisions can be taken at the right time.
The making of every film production involves the rights of various parties, such as actors and composers. These rights are managed with an eye to the interests of the client, to keep costs down.
  • Briefing by client
  • Advice on the use of media and format
  • Delivery of schedule and estimate
  • Assembly of a team
  • Presentation of different concepts
  • Preparation for shoot: for example, casting and location search
  • Pre Production Meeting: discussion of all details with all concerned
  • Shoot
  • Post¬†production: montage, retouching, sound, music
  • Rights management tailored to each project
  • Delivery according to the agreed specifications