This service is for clients who require professional advice on the production of advertising and training texts. That might be in order to improve cost-efficiency, to streamline the production process, to optimize quality or to improve relationships with suppliers.

This is possible for all different types of productions: for TV, radio, print, digital & Social etc.

Productions usually involve many different parties. There are also many providers, and one technical and creative development follows another at a great rate. A professional approach with experience and knowledge of the qualities of providers, standard techniques and the latest developments regarding fees can contribute to saving time and money.

Contact us without obligation for advice on what is feasible for you.

What are the possibilities?

Advice, without obligation, on budget, suppliers, techniques and the production process of current or future projects.
An analysis before and after production of the costs that were budgeted for and those that were spent. This analysis gives rise to recommendations on estimates and spending. The financial responsibilities of the parties involved are also mapped out.
This service evaluates the production on completion. We look at how the production progressed and whether and how improvements could be made for the future.
Analysis of and advice on the legal aspects of a production. For example, on liability and rights. This can take place both before and after the production.
Good content management saves time and money and prevents the use of the wrong materials. The service consists of help and advice on management, administration and filing of all advertising content such as the texts produced (TVCs, print, online) and material such as corporate logos and IDs.
Every film production involves the rights of various parties, such as photographers, actors and composers. The service consists of managing and negotiating rights tailored to the project with an eye to the interests of the client, in order to keep down costs.