Agency Production

The quality of advertisements is crucial for their communicative value. The communicative and creative standards ought to be the highest possible. The production process must be efficient and remain within the framework of budget and communication goals. The agency producer is responsible for this and protects the interests of the client.

The agency producer safeguards the creative and commercial quality and at the same time monitors the budget, makes clear agreements with everyone concerned, keeps the process transparent and ensures that deadlines are met. Sufficient presentations and decision-making opportunities are built in to avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition, usage rights are well defined in contract form and negotiations are as competitive as possible.

The service comprises among other things:

  • Selection of creative and production parties
  • Cost-effective hiring of the various parties
  • Budget monitoring
  • Advice on techniques and formats to be used
  • Clear communication between the different parties
  • Keeping the process transparent
  • Drawing up the correct contracts
  • Rights management tailored to the project

What are the advantages?

A professional production process enhances quality and lowers costs. My knowledge of rates for all elements of the process and the creative quality of suppliers in the current market enables me to purchase at a keenly priced and qualitatively high standard.
Thorough knowledge of the process enables the agency producer to optimize the schedule, which ensures that deadlines are always met and that the time of all concerned is used as economically as possible.
The agency producer’s technical and creative insight and knowledge of the latest developments in these fields enable him/her to propose the most suitable people and techniques for a project.
The development of a commercial – large- or small-scale – involves many different people and disciplines. Therefore the agency producer provides a clear schedule, unambiguous management of expectations and transparent information, so that the right decisions can be made at the right moment.
Every film production involves the rights of a number of people, such as actors and composers.
The agency producer organizes the rights in such a way that they are focused on the project, and acts in the interests of the client.
He/she can also advise on the best way to deal with rights.
  • Briefing based on the concept or script
  • Setting the budget and deadline
  • Selection of creative partners, such as directors and photographers
  • Providing estimate and schedule
  • Outline of presentations and decision-making opportunities
  • Preparation of shoot: for example, search for casting and location
  • Pre Production Meeting: discussion of all details with everyone concerned
  • Shoot
  • Post production: editing¬†, retouching, sound, music
  • Rights management tailored to the production
  • Delivery according to the agreed specifications