Adaptation & Versioning

This service consists of supervising the whole process of translating a foreign commercial for the Dutch market, or translating a TV or online commercial into another language, for other countries or other formats, and managing the associated rights.

I also supervise delivery to the different TV stations and digital media according to the relevant specifications, including the necessary administration and provision of information.

What are the advantages?

These days there are many individual providers with specific qualities in the field of film and sound editing. That means that the most suitable candidates can be assembled for each section for adaptation or versioning. This makes a considerable difference in the costs.
Through clear communication and the formulation of schedules for each section, the client is relieved of anxiety and the right decisions can be made at the right moment.
Every commercial involves the rights of a number of parties, such as actors, composers and performers. Usage rights management tailored to the project means not only that all rights are perfectly organized, but also that costs are kept down and consideration is given to the period, media and location where the commercial is broadcast.
  • Drawing up a specification summary
  • Usage rights management
  • Making a summary of costs and schedule
  • Translation of the titles and voice-over text
  • Retrieving the source material in the right formats
  • Placing the titles and artwork
  • Supervising voice-over proposals
  • The voice-over recording and sound editing
  • Making previews for approval
  • Delivery according to the agreed specifications
  • Finalizing administration