Seed Valley 10 Years

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Client: Seed Valley Agency: All Screen Media Creative: Ted Alkemade & Frank van Ree Director: Ted Alkemade Production: Frank van Ree Year: 2018

Luzac Moodfilm 2016


Client: Luzac Agency: JWT Retail Director: Dennis Lubbers Year: 2016

NRC: Ipad3


Client: NRC Agency: The BrandHotel Creative: Peter Clercx Producer: Frank van Ree Director: Mario Toscani Year: 2013

Samsung Smart Switch Football


Client: Samsung Agency: Cheel Creatives: Ton van Jole Production Company: Cheel Director: Rene Nuijens Year: 2015

Port Of Amsterdam

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Client: Port Of Amsterdam Production Company: Space Odyssey Director: Mario Toscani Year: 2015

Staatsloterij Trekking Juli

Client: Staatsloterij Agency: Lemz Creatives: Bram Vervoort Production Company: Lemz/ Ambassadors Director: Mario Toscani Year: 2015